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The Critics Must Be Crazy: 'The Orville' Is A Great Show, 11 September 2017

As many critics have pointed out, this isn't a spoof of Star Trek. It's not exactly an homage either. The best way I can describe it is that MacFarlane wanted to make a Star Trek show that recalls that franchise's earlier days, back before it became an action blockbuster film series and before the TV shows started becoming dark and grim and edgy. MacFarlane is making his own version of the original Star Trek, and he is a new Captain Kirk. All the optimism and sincerity and lightheartedness of that show is here, and in many ways it's kind of wonderful. I'm honestly surprised something like this exists.

There's some off-color humor, but it's never (so far at least) particularly offensive, or at least its offensiveness pales in comparison to many of McFarlane's other works. Still, it's distinctly him, so it's not going to be appealing to everyone.

In any case, I've really enjoyed The Orville. It's not a perfect show. Some of the jokes do fall flat. But I love its spirit. I love that someone is actually trying to make a Star Trek show that isn't just filled with explosions, space battles and gritty action. You should check it out and make up your own mind. Maybe you'll hate it, but maybe not. It's fun and kind of sweet and I'm happy it's a thing, however weird and unexpected it might be.

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Best Episode till now. Don't believe how far they are going just in the first season., 18 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not gone tell you all of the things that happened, and make a boring List, but instead encourage you to watch it yourself.

So if you have already watched it continue reading.

So, first of all the Brother of the Weather Guy from Episode 1 appears, and makes a pretty good Villain for this Episode. He becomes a so big threat to the Flash by kidnapping Joe that Barry Allen even reveals himself to Iris as the Flash in the action of the Moment.

Sad but also very interesting is that Harrison Wells (aka. Eobard Thawne from the Future that wants to go back into his time by using the Speed of the Flash) killed Sisko because he found out everything about him. And he reveled himself kind of to Kaitlin by leaving the Cafe (and especially his Weelchair)

So Harrison Wells doesn't cares about anything anymore, maybe because he knows that the Flash is now capable of time travel, (already). Because Barry told him, that he saw himself, while running.

While creating a wind wall to protect the city from the Tsunami in the end, the Flash runs so fast that he jumps back in time. This opens up many new possibilities. It could play out the same way but he would maybe be able to rescue Sisko, or he stops the weather Wizard from kidnapping Joe and dint reveal himself to Iris.

Probably he will rescue Sisko, in some way. Because I din't belief that Sisko is just gone forever, at least it would be very sad and something would be missing.

So stay exited as I am. And just wait one Week (Instead of 3 Weeks) to the next episode.

ps: (Imagine what is possible with such a Story, which they have now created.)

Gorilla Grod, Reverse Flash (aka. Eobard Thawne), Time Travel and much much more...