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General Review, 29 December 2011

There is so much potential for the television series, "Sea Patrol", that I could almost qualify myself as a fan; almost. But the reality is this show is in desperate need of a Technical Adviser. When I see some of the dumb situations the crew get themselves into and the stupid responses and behavior of the crew, it makes this program seem more like a parody of the series, rather than the series itself.

To start with, the Captain never leaves the ship, he doesn't go ashore on a mission, and he doesn't relinquish command of his vessel to anyone, at any time during the mission. That's just standard Navy procedure. Unless we can say that Australians are all a bunch of backward dorks, then this program is a poor representation of the Australian Navy. I just refuse to believe the Australian Navy is that poorly run. I've known quite a few Australians and they are a lot more intelligent than this program makes them out to be; making this series a blight on Australians everywhere !

Strip Search (2004) (TV)
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Too many people seem cavalier, until their rights are infringed..., 26 March 2005

The format, writing and direction of this docudrama could be improved, but the premise is too important to ignore. Two people, in opposite parts of the world, seem cavalier about their rights and freedoms, until they are violated, then dumbfounded about what authorities do to them. We'd all like to feel safe in our home, community and Country. However, to what extent would we give up our rights and freedoms, to be more secure and safe? And... If our rights and freedoms are lost, how safe and secure would we be? You may find this film boring. It lacks gratuitous violence, obscenity and other things, one might proclaim, makes for entertainment, but the valuable message it portrays, makes it a, "Must See!". If this show peeks your interest, try a, "Star Trek", (The Next Generation), Episode called, "Drumhead", in which mankind has ventured hundreds of years, into the future, into space and evolution, yet still succumbs to fear, created by the potential for terrorism...

The Yarn Princess (1994) (TV)
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A must see movie for anyone who's fallen victim to Child Protective Services, 29 June 2004

A mother's desperate struggle, to keep her family of six boys and her husband with her. When her husband is suddenly struck by a mental illness, this slow witted, yet devoted mother seeks help from the State. Instead, the State victimizes them, through unfeeling policies and protocols. At first it seems they want to help, but their callous interference leads to family disintegration and one of the older boys becomes disenchanted with his home life. Convincing one of his brothers to come with him into foster care, provides a slippery slope for the State to seek custody for the rest of the children. With help from a prominent lawyer, devoted to her, but dubious in motive, the State is forced to return the children from foster care and provide the services, she had sought for her family, in the first place...

( Note ) One of this mother's most endearing qualities, was her ability to make up fairy tales, from true life experiences, to entertain her children; but the greatest fairy tale of them all, comes true, in the ending of this story. The boys come home from foster care, having learned that just about anyone can be good parents, but the yearning, in their hearts belonged to the only one they could truly call," mom ".