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Pretty good
Patapom118 August 2017
I don't agree at all with all the critics of other reviewers: it's a very decent show, not as "sciency" as you would expect; there are lots of politics involved but the characters make sense, are pretty intelligent and the actors are quite convincing in carrying the tension and double-play of the multiple agencies and various protagonists.

It's well paced, interesting at every episode and not at all a frenzy of stupid mathy-jargon thrown at you like scorpion, which is utter bullsh*t for sure.

As I said, it's well written and seems to be going somewhere fast, which is kind of hard to find in a show nowadays so be content and stop complaining when something good comes your way! :D
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It's Sci-Fi, not the best, not the worst, maybe in the middle, but I love it
Mauricio Lopez9 August 2017
The brutal truth: they have the budget, they have good actors, they don't have the right hooks nor the accurate science. But it's all about relationships and the spinning of chaos in the minds of the characters, the players, at the end of the world. It's about a counter-clock to salvation. Give it a try, maybe they find salvation
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Considering the premise, this is a great show!
hsdisturbed16 August 2017
How often do we watch shows like The Walking Dead or Alien and quickly and easily dismiss the glaringly obvious mistakes regarding how "realistic" is? When I watch a movie or show, I figure I am in their world and anything is possible.

Salvation is no exception. I enjoy apocalyptic type shows and movies anyway, so when I saw previews for this I was already all in. Much to my happy surprise, it is also very reminiscent of 24, my favorite show ever.

So, I will keep this short and sweet. If you liked Jericho, 24, and will probably like this. The acting is great, The chemistry between the actors is also great. The story line, considering the premise, is solid. I have been enjoying this show immensely. I hope there's a second season!
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A series not only for the deep thinker
patrken7 September 2017
I truly don't agree with most reviews. I am a filmmaker by myself and I am very interested in science and astronomy. I do have pretty high standards in series and movies. People that are talking about cliché stuff, and maybe for all those reviewers, maybe our world is pretty cliché, or let's say America;). I do agree the story is not deep, but they made this series for a bigger audience which is not only the deep thinker. I like the conflicts, plots in the storyline. I think the casting and acting are great as well. Production en postproduction are clean. I truly hope there is a season 2 coming.
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good show
cynnstar17 August 2017
Salvation is an interesting show with engaging characters and lots of plot twists. The writers need to avoid gratuitous violence (of which there has only been a little so far) and focus on the plot and developing the characters. I think some of the people who give it a low rating and lots of criticism just like to hear themselves bluster. I have a post-graduate education and don't watch much TV. So far, Salvation is a winner!
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It's an TV Entertainment show that's entertaining. And more than many...
dave_hoggan7 September 2017
First, let's get an important aspect clarified: a lot of reviewers have been (excessively) critical of the scientific veracity behind this show. Yes, they are right, this is not a model of how humanity will divert a ELE capable asteroid.

What this is trying be be is an engaging piece of entertainment that is (1) not a cop drama, (2) not a medical drama, (3) not a who's sleeping with who drama. It has taken a media-popular scenario - asteroid heading toward Earth - and wrapped it in a well presented package with charismatic cast and good pacing. It is absolutely light in scientific accuracy, but - I'm not sure how to put this clearly - IT'S A TV SHOW!!!

There are some interesting characterisations and scripting so far has been tight with only a few 'off pace' moments. Yes, a lot of characters are heavy on stereotype, certainly more than we get in UK shows - but, again, this is an entertainment show. I watch it for my brain to go into neutral and coast along; if I want accuracy, I'll watch Discovery.

As with all good sci-fi - the real story is nothing to do with the tech - it's all about the people and how they react to a situation. The asteroid is simply a McGuffin that puts a shiny angle on the show...
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Bas Caroline1 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching this show for the past three weeks or so and I'm really enjoying it. I know that it is quite a cliché - an asteroid coming our way and blablabla - but the cast is amazing and I really liked the characters.

Anyway, haters always gonna hate. This is one of my favorite shows right now and I keep on counting the days to watch the next episode.

There's certainly much to explore in the plot and I am really looking forward to see the "final impact" at the end of the first season. Hopefully, it'll make it to the second season and then we'll look at a post-apocalypical world in which 70-90% of the planet was destroyed and the remaining 30-10% of it must struggle to survive against the ods.
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Mashup of "Armageddon" and government conspiracy
YardBoy12 July 2017
I liked this pilot and will be back for episode 2. The MIT brainiac felt real: disheveled, impulsive, horny and fun. He teams up with an Elon Musk-type to advance his discovery of doom. The government bad guys are the kind of slick you love to hate. The government's press secretary seems stuck in the middle, but has a good heart that guides her true. I'm sure we'll meet new players.
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Considering not so many Sci-fi series out there this is one of a good show.
asadzero24 August 2017
First thing, this show is never about the earth and the asteroid. It's about how the two powerful nation US & Russia deals an extinction level of event on each other. Although half of the show are almost predictable, it still has many plot twist. With not so many good Sci-fi series out there, I think this show deliver an interesting Sci-fi drama.

Personal thought, I don't know why so claimed 'smartass' people gave bad review on almost every sci-fi TV? There are many good sci-fi shows canceled because of bad review from those 'smartass' people. I mean why don't we just enjoy the show and give some appreciation.
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Let the Asteroid Hit
mackermandrill19 July 2017
An ambitious story that the writers don't even come close to attending to. It's almost as if the focus is not so much on how the oncoming asteroid will annihilate all life on Earth, but more on how it's going to really put a crimp in the sex lives of the main characters.

The underlying theme to this show is the deification of the newest 'in' group, the computer geek/tech billionaire, which is to be expected in the information age. What doesn't fit is how these people are either unassumingly charming or suave and sophisticated. For every Elon Musk, there are thousands of techies with social anxiety that couldn't carry on a conversation, much less get a woman to go home with him on the same day he met her.

Unfortunately, even in a disaster show, the libido has to be front and center with heavier themes playing backdrop to whether these people can get enough love before the big one turns us all into dust.

Then there's the big idea. The clichéd ark that its creators say isn't for the elite inhabitants of the planet, but really is for the elite inhabitants of the planet is being converted from a 160 seat vessel into one that can carry hundreds of thousands. This would be a great idea, if they didn't have just 6 months to complete it in.....and the Government wasn't trying to both keep a secret on the asteroid and put the kibosh on the ark....and all the various principles involved weren't distracted by the nonsense in their personal lives....and (well, you get the idea) Finally, we've seen this story before. It's called Deep Impact. If you missed that, then it's Armageddon. If you've seen neither, it's more like 'How I Met Your Mother During the Potential End of the World'.

I can't imagine this show getting a second season.
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