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The Ranch Part 4 Premiere Recap: What Happened With Heather and the Baby?

The Ranch Part 4 Premiere Recap: What Happened With Heather and the Baby?
Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Part 4 premiere of The Ranch.

(Note: On Dec. 5, Danny Masterson was fired by Netflix. Because of The Ranch‘s accelerated production schedule, Masterson appears in all 10 new episodes. His character’s departure will take place during Part 5, to be released in 2018. The series has already been renewed through Part 6.)

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Here’s something we never thought we’d live to see: The Man Formerly Known as Red Forman sharing a drink — and a smile! — with the
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Amblin-esque ‘Inside’ Now Available On iOS!

Amblin-esque ‘Inside’ Now Available On iOS!
One of the best games I played last year was Playdead’s “Inside”, a stark, bleak and yet harrowing tale of a boy on the run from sort of government facility. While more akin to something like Akira, the game touches on all sorts of classics from Flights of the Navigator to E.T. and even the more recent “Stranger Things”. While it’s […]
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2017 in Review: Best Couples, Worst Sex, Stellar Weddings, Senseless Deaths, Best Binges and More

2017 in Review: Best Couples, Worst Sex, Stellar Weddings, Senseless Deaths, Best Binges and More
Auld acquaintances may be forgot, but TVLine’s memory for the best and worst in 2017 TV is really, really long. And after bringing you the first installment of our Best/Worst/Most round-up gallery, now we’re here with even more delicious TV morsels from the year on the small screen.

This round of picks includes — among many other categories — the couples we loved (and hated… and projected our deepest desires onto), the girls and guys we wanted to hang out with, the displays of skin that made us shiver (in a good way), the characters that made us want
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Charlie Heaton’s Cannonball featured in latest The New Mutants teaser

Following a teaser for The New Mutants featuring Maisie Williams’ Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane [watch it here], another brief promo has now arrived online Josh Boone’s upcoming horror-themed X-Men spinoff focusing on Charlie Heaton’s Sam Guthrie/Cannonball; take a look below…

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They surround you. #NewMutants

— New Mutants (@NewMutantsFilm) December 14, 2017

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The young mutants find a hidden place at the hospital where they’re being held. There they found a ‘lie detector’ and they think it will be fun to use it to get to know each other better.

The first to sit in the chair, Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot, says he has already got many girls. The machine points out he’s lying, so he confesses that he never had anyone. Then we see
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Stranger Thing star Joe Keery will shave his head if David Harbour wins a Golden Globe

Joe Keery, one of the stars of Stranger Things, has said that he will shave his head if co-star David Harbour wins a Golden Globe.

Stranger Things is of course a huge hit for Netflix, and Keery, whose character Steve started out as a quasi-antagonist, has quickly become a fan favourite, thanks to his charm, humour, and impressive 80s hair.

One of his co-stars on the show, David Harbour, has recently received a Golden Globe nomination for the role of Jim Hopper. Apparently finding this quite unbelievable, Keery commented on one of Harbour’s Instagram posts about the nomination, saying, “If you win David the Duffer’s get to shave my head.”

This would of course be a big deal for the fan base and one audience member commented on the same post in response to Keery, saying: “If you let them do this you will break the hearts of so many fans.
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Check Out This Beautiful “Stranger Things” Cello Medley

This Stranger Things cello melody is in fact very beautiful indeed. Even when it goes into the main theme the melody is so calming that I have to admit that I had to pry my eyes open, not from boredom but because it relaxed me so much that I was starting to doze off. Good music can do this to a person just as surely as boredom can, but in a much more pleasant manner since it’s almost like drifting off to a lullaby. Something about the cello when it’s played right is just so inherently relaxing that it’s hard

Check Out This Beautiful “Stranger Things” Cello Medley
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Finn Wolfhard Is Well on His Way to Being a Horror Icon With His Next Role

Looks like Finn Wolfhard isn't tired of the horror genre just yet. On Thursday, Variety reported that Wolfhard has been cast in a new horror film called The Turning. The new project is actually an adaptation of the classic ghost story novella The Turn of the Screw, written by Henry James in 1898. The story follows a young woman who accepts a job as a nanny to two orphans in a seemingly haunted country mansion. I say "seemingly" because, well . . . just read the book and you'll know what I mean. Wolfhard has had quite the streak when it comes to the horror genre. After an early role in The CW's veteran series Supernatural, the young actor has since starred in Netflix's creepy and terrifying sci-fi series Stranger Things. This year, he also played loud-mouth Richie Tozierin Andy Muschietti's critically celebrated remake of Stephen King's It. Demogorgons, demonic clowns, ghosts . . . man,
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Finn Wolfhard is set to star in horror film adaptation of The Turn of the Screw

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard will star in the horror film The Turning for Amblin.

Wolfhard is having a pretty good time of late, his Netflix series Stranger Things is one of the most popular and talked about shows going and he also starred in this years’ monstrously successful adaptation of Stephen King’s It.

Wolfhard is quickly becoming the go to child actor for on screen horror fiction and he has now picked up another role in the genre, this time starring in Amblin’s The Turning, which is to be an adaptation of the classic Henry James novella, The Turn of the Screw.

Wolfhard will star in the film alongside Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049 and The Martian).

The story of the film will revolve around a young woman (played by Davis) who becomes the nanny of two orphans (one played by Wolfhard) who live in a haunted mansion in the country.
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Stranger Things Season 3 Is Coming, and We Have Plenty of Intel

By now, we've all made it through the second season of Stranger Things at least once, if not multiple times . . . right? After the insane new installment of the series, there's a lot to unpack. Luckily, we can already look forward to a third season that will hopefully give us an even deeper understanding of the crazy alternate universe that seems to haunt Hawkins, In. And hey, maybe we'll get some help processing Bob's death, the heartbreaking Chief Hopper detail, Dustin's rebuff at the Snow Ball, and all the other things that made us weep in season two. At this point, it's clear that the Duffer brothers, aka the show's creators, are in the very early stages of planning season three. Even so, there are a few things we know, a few things we can assume, and even a few things we can very lightly theorize about what's to come. Let's dive in.
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Channel Your Inner Princess Leia + More Actor Events in L.A. This Week

Before you completely check out for the year, make sure you take note of this week’s events. We’ve got you covered on industry connection-makers, special panels, even an up-close-and-personal visit with the “Stranger Things” set. A couple are a little further in advance to make sure you get access, so consider that a special holiday gift from us to you. Honor women in media.Join cinematographer Nancy Schreiber (“Better Things,” “Your Friends and Neighbors”), composer Germaine Franco (“Coco,” “Fargo [T.V.]”), cinematographer Kira Kelly (“Queen Sugar,” “East Los High”), and writer/director Amy Holden Jones (“Indecent Proposal,” “Mystic Pizza”) in conversation at Women in Media’s Holiday Lunch Celebration on Dec. 17. Open to all genders, events include a mixer, panel, and, of course, food, so this inspiring afternoon is well worth admission price. (Tickets: $30-115) Go behind the scenes of “The Path” with its stars.Though it’s technically more
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Dark Review – Netflix Delivers Winner With German Time Travel Drama

Comparisons are tricky creatures, especially when you’re in an odd niche, but if a show hits that is moody, dark, and has a really bonkers, sci-fi story, it’s going to be compared to Stranger Things by just about everyone. Such is the case with Netflix‘ German series, Dark, and the problem is figuring out what, “Germany’s Stranger Things,” and similar, could possibly mean.

Does it involve tweens and monsters, or is it just hard to make out what’s going on without adjusting the brightness? Is it a small town/neighborhood thrown into utterly impossible events that may get everyone killed, or is it just something sci-fi with an ’80s theme?

Of course, the real trouble with such simplistic comparisons is that just because Dark “feels” a bit… Stranger Things-ey, it gets saddled with a lot of assumptions and expectations, few of which will pan out in this case.
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SAG Awards Will Be Presented Entirely by Women, Kristen Bell to Host

First-ever SAG Awards host Kristen Bell in “The Good Place”: NBC/Justin Lubin

The Screen Actors Guild will stand with women at its 24th annual awards ceremony. According to The Hollywood Reporter, women will present each statuette at the January 21 event. This gesture is SAG’s way of supporting women in the wake of the myriad sexual harassment and assault stories that have come out of Hollywood in the past couple months. “The Good Place’s” Kristen Bell will also serve as the SAG Awards’ first-ever host.

“Beginning with the Women’s March in January, it’s been the year of the woman,” SAG Awards Ep Kathy Connell explained. “This is a unifying salute to women who have been very brave and speaking up.”

Of course, men will not be entirely absent from the ceremony. The male SAG winners will take the stage to accept their honors and it
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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ Debuts on Jan. 25 And Is Coming To Snatch That Emmy

Looking for a diversion from the current political reality besides watching the new seasons of “The Crown” and “Stranger Things” again and again? Wondering if “Proud Mary” will replace “Call Me By Your Name” or “Lady Bird” as your bingewatched movie after the holidays? Well, we’ve got good news. “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” is back just in time to give you an hourly diversion once a week.

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Screen Actors Guild Awards 2018: Nominations: Three Billboards, Lady Bird, Stranger Things, & More

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2018 Nominations Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Lady Bird, Stranger Things, and other nominations for the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards have been announced. The 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards “are an annual award given by the Screen Actors Guild to recognize outstanding performances by members…Of [...]

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‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard Heads For Haunted House Film ‘The Turning’

Stranger Things

Finn Wolfhard, one of the break-out stars of Netflix series Stranger Things, has joined the cast of the upcoming horror film The Turning. Trade paper Variety says that Wolfhard will join the already cast Mackenzie Davis in the film, an adaptation of Henry James’s novella “The Turn of the Screw.”

The film follows a young woman hired as the nanny to two orphans who is convinced that the country mansion they live in is haunted. Wolfhard will play one of the orphans, so says the trade.

Jade Bartlett is re-writing the new draft of the original script, which was penned by Chad & Carey Hayes.

More as we get it.

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All Saints, The Inspirational True Story Now Available on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD

John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) stars in All Saints, the inspiring true story of salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock, debuting on digital, Blu-ray and DVD December 12 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Affirm Films. Ordered to shut down a tiny church, Spurlock (Corbett), with a group of refugees from Southeast Asia, band together to risk everything to plant seeds for a future that might just save them all. All Saints also stars Cara Buono (“Stranger Things”), Myles Moore (Hot Summer Nights), Nelson Lee (“Hawaii 5-0”), Barry Corbin (No Country for Old Men), David Keith (An Officer and a Gentleman), Christian comedian Chonda Pierce and Gregory Alan Williams (Hidden Figures).

The DVD of All Saints comes with four behind-the-scenes featurettes. “Act of Faith” delves into how the church and farming community banded together to overcome the unseen. In “All Saints: The Cast & Community,” fans meet the cast, crew and the
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‘Stranger Things’ Star Joe Keery Vows to Shave His Head If David Harbour Wins Golden Globe

‘Stranger Things’ Star Joe Keery Vows to Shave His Head If David Harbour Wins Golden Globe
Do you want David Harbour to win a Golden Globe or do you want Joe Keery to keep his gorgeous mane of hair? Because you can’t have both, apparently. Harbour (who plays police chief Jim Hopper in “Stranger Things”) took to Instagram on Monday after being nominated for a Globe for Best Supporting Actor to share how grateful he was for the nod. Keery was among the many who chimed in via the comments section. But his remark kinda stole Harbour’s thunder, as the actor (who plays hunk Steve in the Netflix series) made a vow that devastated fans.
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Analyzing the synthisizers of ‘Stranger Things’

By Jacob Oller

The music of Stranger Things made us dive into the show, but it’s much more than that. he ‘80s live on in the two seasons of Stranger Things and I’m not talking the clothes. The sounds of the decade are everywhere and have been since the beginning. To understand this, a video has lined up […]

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