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An excellent adaptation of the books for all us Outlander fans!
M Campbell11 August 2014
I've recently been reading (actually listening to the audio-books) the Outlander series of books having completed 5 so far so when I saw the Starz TV series was coming out I just had to watch it. I must say I loved the Outlander books, but I'm not a fanatic when it comes to translating books to the screen they are very different mediums and thus can take on a different look and feel and that's OK with me. In this case, I don't think people who are would be disappointed anyway as the screen writers did an excellent job of translating the 1st part of the book to the screen (I've only seen the 1st episode but I'm already hooked so I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest).

I loved their choice of actors to take on the roles of Jamie, Claire, Frank and Dugan. Sam Heughan is perfect as Jamie Fraser (just the right bit of good looks and ruggedness one might expect in Jamie). Caitriona Balfe also seemed like a good choice for Claire (beautiful yet strong enough to carry the role). I think Frank/Jack Randall's portrayal by Tobias Menzies will also fit my vision of Frank/Jack and I think he can carry off both roles one as the wicked Jack and the other as the loving yet dull Frank (when compared to Jamie). And the Scottish actors like Graham McTavish (Dougal) will bring old Scotland to life on the screen for me.

From the 1st episode I think they producers will not be shy to include the more sexual aspects of the Outlander books, as they do have this erotic element that actually makes the love between Claire and Jamie the driving force of their relationship which allows it to span centuries, even when they are no longer together. It's that love/passion for each other that keeps them alive in each other's heart and so far to the directors credit, they have not been shy about adding it. I'm looking forward to the Claire Jamie love scenes hopefully to come... I'm also going to enjoy the Scottish history and scenery, and loved the way they so far have included it in the TV series. It's going to be very interesting to me especially as my ancestors are Scottish.

I know Starz will be increasing its revenues with this series' fans all signing up just to see it. There must be millions of us around the world that love these books and I'm sure like me many of them will order the cable channel just to watch this. I'm very happy to see Starz did such a good job in bringing this to life on the screen. So rarely do we get a good adult drama on TV these days, and this will surely be that. I'm liking many of the original show Starz is offering this season like this and Black Sails, Strikback. Who ever is heading their creative development deserves a lot of credit for their selection of shows to produce. I think Starz is catching up to HBO and Showtime in it's original shows and might even surpass them if it keeps producing shows of this quality plus they have a much better selection of movies that the other channels. As a new Starz member, I'd recommend it to others.
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At last...
cherokee102018 August 2014
For the past 23 years, Outlander has been a presence in my life. Have read it countless times, in fact started it again just yesterday. I am proud and humbled to be One of the Original Seven Ladies of Lallybroch, associated with one of the very first global groups devoted to Diana Gabaldon and The Books. For decades, the idea of a cinematic version of The Books has teased and taunted us, flirting with our imaginations and hopes. Now, it is here. And here it is. Every detail is brilliant - script, costumes, sets, and yes, the actors. The Series is a visual companion to The Books, and a boon companion it is. It is also an adaptation, not a verbatim recitation. Fidelity to our beloved characters and story is assured by the continuing involvement of Diana in the creative process. She fiercely protects her story and, in the process, her fans - which are both legion and legend. Caitriona Balfe truly IS Claire, as Sam Heughan IS Jamie. A cup up to Ron Moore, Maril Davis, and the entire crew (Terry for the amazing costumes)for giving us Our Outlander...
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Outlander TV Series Spectacular!
lksmith11125 August 2014
I have been a fan, make that obsessed fan, from the first book. There are now eight BIG books in the series along with The Lord John series and a few novellas. I've read them all numerous times. I was hesitant about TV show ruining the books but Starz and Ron D. Moore have shown that you can use a book's dialog and make the actors fit into the characters and make a marvelous show.

Outlander so far has been a perfect representation of the book. Sam Heughan as Jamie is sublime.....as is Caitrona Balfe as Claire. Even though Claire is telling the story, it's Jamie we all want.

I am thrilled with the camera work, the costumes, and the writing. I'm thinking subtitles for the Gaelic Language would have been a good decision but I understand why there is none. After all Claire doesn't understand it either and it is her story.

Kudos to Diana Gsbaldon for writing the stories and for trusting Ron D. Moore with it. Watch!,
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Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ
dariana-ro11 August 2014
I never read the books and never heard anything about this story before I saw the show. I don't know how close it comes to the books but as a show is absolutely fantastic.

Everything was done right , actors , costumes, music and the scotsmen in kilts are so sexy . I am in love.

We have beautiful landscapes , music to match , time travel , an intelligent mature woman as a lead character and two attractive men that love her . I like the romance part and the history part. I like everything about this show.

I wish they add some subtitles . I don't know how well native English speakers understand the Gaelic but English is not my native language and I could not understand a word in Gaelic.
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Perfect Adaptation of book to TV
marian-knowles10 August 2014
Everything about EP1 is wonderful. I'm a fan of the book series and I'm happy that Ron D. Moore is at the helm of this project. I think the casting of the lead roles is perfect. The locations and sets evoke each of the time periods portrayed. The music is amazing; it adds character to the events as they unfold and I'm looking forward to hearing more in later episodes. There is some criticism about the pace of EP1, I agree that it felt a bit slow. Viewers who feel it's too slow, please note that the book is about 800 pages long! Additionally, Starz bought 16 EPs rather than the usual 10, so that RDM has time to develop the story line and the many characters that appear in the book. The voice over takes some getting used to, since it's not a common practice today. So I refer back to the book again, because the reader is let into the lead character's thoughts most of the time - it's not all dialogue. You don't have to read the book to enjoy the show and I believe new viewers who give it a chance over the next several EPs as the action in the story picks up won't be disappointed and will appreciate what all the fan fuss is about.
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Well crafted and riveting
chippewa737711 August 2014
Having discovered Gabalton's novels only recently (generally reserving my limited reading time to the likes of Bernard Cornwell and Patrick O'Brien, more swords;less romance),I was pleased with the quality of the production, casting, pace and overall presentation of this complex story. Romantic? Yes. However, if the mini-series story line continues in keeping with the books (as seems likely)it will likely unfold into dovetailing themes of sacrifice,duty,honor,jealousies and complex loyalties that even many of the male viewers will relate wholeheartedly to. Not since PeterJackson's close to the novel(s) rendition of the Lord of the Rings saga have I been as pleased (at least with the initial installment) with a book-to-screen version of a great story. Thanks STARZ!
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from paper to reality
flikflak8319 August 2014
I'm a fan of the saga literature and from 2 weeks super fan of the TV series.

I didn't think it possible that the transposition on TV was so faithful to the book.

The main character is the landscape. The forests, mountains, castles, give a unique impression to this wonderful series.

The characters come to life on paper in talented actors and perfect for the roles. Claire exceeds expectations, Jamie confirmation too.

Wonderful costumes that launch you into a magical time and sometimes ruthless. The photograph confirms the minuteness with which it was designed this series. Few special effects but still great visual impact.

Ron D. Moore confirms his talent already seen in Battlestar Galactica.

An unprecedented success driven by a twenty-year literary success that leaves unsatisfied.

10 stars
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Book to screen....an awesome adaptation
Figgy66-915-59847011 August 2014
Based on viewing only the first episode I think this is a wonderful adaptation of a much loved series of books. Starz have brought the words of Diana Gabaldon to life in a remarkable feast of Scottishness which will satisfy the legions of fans all round the world. A much anticipated series, the first episode, which was made available free by Starz on You Tube, sees Claire, a world war 2 nurse being transported back through time to Scotland prior to the a battle of Culloden where she meets Jamie and Captain Randall, two very different men who will come to play a large part in her life. Much lament in some countries however who do not receive the Starz cable channel, as to when we may see the rest of the series. A story which must not be missed.
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Huge potential for a charming, historical, magical, and gritty show that falls off a cliff into some homosexual rape and torture fetish film
D H12 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
There is so much that is good or has potential in this show. The opening music (love it), the opening titles (very well done), the basic premise (loved it).

But despite IMO a strong start, the story fails to get off the ground. Although the show puts in place a strong foundation, and presents a superb opportunity to see a story develop that permits it to showcase the fascinating historic events of that period, and exploit the lead characters perspective with her added insight gleaned from being born 200 years later and exposed to antibiotics, air travel, the radio, petrol, etc, all of this seems missed by the writers.

Instead it turns too quickly into a rather contrived romance between Claire and her captor beau (Jamie). The morality of the lead (Claire) falls too quickly into question when one sees how quickly she forgets her past life and her husband, without considering the possible torment the poor man might be living through in wondering what happened to his wife, is she dead, alive, kidnapped and being tortured and raped etc, or buried in a bog somewhere? Instead Claire marries her beau and abandons her other life with little apparent thought.

But Claire herself is incredibly disappointing. Although well spoken, she seems incapable of making a single good decision. No matter how much forethought and time she has, each time she encounters the villain (Randall) she makes a completely amateur pigs ear of the situation and gets herself in more trouble. You can live with this for a while, but after a while you simply stop routing for her character and just recognise she's too dumb and will only ever dig herself deeper into trouble whenever chance presents itself (which by the end of season 1 she does for her and Jamie) which by the way makes her character seem pathetically weak and intellectually unattractive.

There is a glint of potential when the other 'healer' turns out to have come from the 1960's. But that opportunity passes by without expansion.

After that it trawls through one poor plan after another, with Claire adding no value as a heroine, no clever insights, no real ability to shape events using her knowledge. In fact, overall she is pretty useless and unremarkable.

However, the cliff really appears in the last two episodes. Once again Claire blindly charges in and makes matters so much worse for her Beau. Without even a half baked plan she gets him into so much more trouble and results in his rape. This is where the show transforms IMO into something much darker and really destroys the positive and promising aspects of the show.

The show spends near two episodes exploring the evil side of Jack Randall by demonstrating his villainy on Jamie. We see all kinds of torture going on and on and on and on and on. The FX are superb, but what really is the point, it doesn't add to the show. It doesn't add to the plot. It doesn't make us hate Randall more than we already do for simply being a bad guy. It's not remotely subtle or clever, its just completely in your face and caricature bad. Instead it just descends into a detailed portrays of man on man prison rape. It doesn't even appear to have much of a logical reason behind it.

The graphic scenes of Homosexual Rape are long, and probably offensive to everyone. As someone who fully supports the LGBT movement and supported equal rights in marriage, i found the use of homosexual rape troubling (as i would a detailed portray of heterosexual rape), overly graphic, and nothing to do with really progressing the story.

By the end of the season (all 16 episodes) the show had IMO died. It had morphed from a show that had genuine magical potential, to deliver a wonderful composite of time travel giving us a glimpse into the gritty historical world of 1700s Scotland, and add in the dimension of a strong lead gently drawing on her insights to shape the story imaginatively, into a sort of Silence of the Lambs skinning and torture fest. They could have drawn multiple strong seasons out of the former, but the way they played it i don't expect it to make it to season 3.

All the potential, the magic and allure in the show was pretty much obliterated. I finished the season feeling that i had no interest in whether Claire lived or died. She was broadly useless as a character (certainly as a lead). Jamie was too haunted by his experience. The 1940s situation wasn't adequately addressed emotionally. And the lighter elements of the show were blotted out under the need to use the show as a platform for soft porn scenes that are longer than the real porn videos you can view for free on the internet tube sites.

Seriously writers, how do you have something with so much potential and then turn it into 'Hostel' or 'Saw 7 set in 1700s Scotland'?

The balance resides in skirting that fine line between the magical time travel narrative and the threat from the environment and opposition characters. Unfortunately the show swung so far over to the villainy side that it plunged into the dark depths of the Mariana trench.
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Holy Steamy
nvanvalleygirl20 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! This series, I expected to watch it and enjoy. I have read all of the Gabaldan books and thought there is no way that anyone could pull off the love story between Jamie and Claire. When the casting news came out I thought - not sure about the choices of Heughnan and Balfe. I was wrong.

Heughnan and Balfe are Jamie and Claire and when I look back on the books, I visualize these actors in the roles. They have done a fantastic job bringing these characters to life. The chemistry between the two is incredible and I would go so far to say this is one of the steamiest series on TV and maybe a little hot.

Can't wait to see how long this runs for and if we will see Claire and Jamie's journey to France and America.
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