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A must see movie for anyone who's fallen victim to Child Protective Services
cjmbabsc29 June 2004
A mother's desperate struggle, to keep her family of six boys and her husband with her. When her husband is suddenly struck by a mental illness, this slow witted, yet devoted mother seeks help from the State. Instead, the State victimizes them, through unfeeling policies and protocols. At first it seems they want to help, but their callous interference leads to family disintegration and one of the older boys becomes disenchanted with his home life. Convincing one of his brothers to come with him into foster care, provides a slippery slope for the State to seek custody for the rest of the children. With help from a prominent lawyer, devoted to her, but dubious in motive, the State is forced to return the children from foster care and provide the services, she had sought for her family, in the first place...

( Note ) One of this mother's most endearing qualities, was her ability to make up fairy tales, from true life experiences, to entertain her children; but the greatest fairy tale of them all, comes true, in the ending of this story. The boys come home from foster care, having learned that just about anyone can be good parents, but the yearning, in their hearts belonged to the only one they could truly call," mom ".
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Touching family drama
harleypassion18 July 2001
Warning: Spoilers
A mother and father with '6 golden children', both loving parents, a simple yet warm environment...except the mother is on the slow side. Kind of like the female version of Forrest Gump. Nevertheless, she loves her children and does her best in raising them. Until the day her husband falls ill, becomes incapable of caring for the family, and their happy home is turned upside down. She has to fend for the family but can hardly read or cook. A social worker tries helping, but 2 of the older boys are dissatisfied with their home situation. They opt for foster care, breaking their mother's heart. She struggles to keep the rest of her family together. In the end, she gets a lawyer who fights her case, and wins her back custody of all her children, and even gets welfare to give them a new home (they'd lived in poor conditions). The 2 sons: Jimmy and Daniel, who were fostered to wealthy folks, miss their family in the end. Jimmy was the difficult son, who resented his old life and wanted out. In the end, he finds his own mother is the best, and only true mom. Touching movie, and showing the true meaning of what a parent should be.
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An excellent movie about love, life and the troubles that can occur
headhunter468 October 2008
This is a most touching movie. It deals with the struggles of a slightly retarded woman who only wants to keep her six precious children close to her. Her husband is suddenly stricken with mental illness and has to be drugged to a near stupor to control his outbursts. With no money coming in, she goes to the county to seek help for her children but the county child welfare agents decide it would be best to remove the children because she is not a fit mother. Never mind that one is almost 17 and helps take care of the others now that dad is not able to. This story is as much about true love for family as it is about the calloused opinions of the child welfare people. We sometimes read where child welfare didn't act in time, but this is one time when they should have stayed out of the way. This is not intended to be an indictment of child welfare services, they have a difficult and thankless job. And they do save a lot of children from bad homes, just not always.

It doesn't seem possible until the last 15 minutes or so for this to have a happy ending but it will.

It is a bit telling on societies taste for cinema that this fine movie only has three reviews. The title must be too boring. But make a movie with sex or suggest there will be horrendous explosions and there will be dozens of reviews from people extolling the merits of it.

My heart goes out to all who are poor, or retarded or abused. The ending depicts life the way it should be for all people.

Please watch and enjoy, it is quality viewing.
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boc32110 May 2007
This film made me cry when the mother is losing her family. in fact its the only film i can think of that made me cry. Its one of those films that has such touching moments that it remains one of the unforgettable films of the 90s. I think the sympathy here is in the fact she totally has her heart in the right place but the bureaucratic machinery cannot see that. Its one of the very few films which truly shows what it means to be a decent parent. Too many American films show upwardly mobile professionals as parents with very few real problems. Sherrybaby is another film of a low achiever but the lead in that film loses sympathy points due to her promiscuity and drug habit. Rent this film if you want a good watched alone!
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A sweet, sad, and thought-provoking movie
Vida13 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this made-for-TV movie in 1994, and I've never forgotten it. The heart-breaking events in the lives of this family are, sadly, not just the stuff of fiction. The mom, with nothing but love for her family, sought help from strangers (the state), whose evaluation of the situation was by the book. Thanks to the extra efforts from one social worker, and the efforts of an attorney, there was a glimmer of hope for her family.

An interesting point in this movie, of which I was reminded in the fight over young Elián González some five years later, centered on: How do we determine what's best for the child? Is a more affluent, middle class upbringing --better schools, nicer surroundings-- always preferable for children, even if they're not with their biological parents? Does poverty and innocent ineptitude necessarily mean one is unfit to parent, or can assistance take a more individual approach? It was a touching testament to a mother's unfailing love for her children, and, just like in the fairy tales, there was indeed a happy ending for The Yarn Princess.
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