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Poll: The Female Detective

The role of the female detective in film and television has developed over many years. Female cops, agents and investigators are more common on screen than ever, but they must often deal with a male-dominated law-enforcement environment.

Which of these essential female detective figures is your favorite?

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    Jane Tennison

    Prime Suspect
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    Top of the Lake
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    Joss Carter

    Person of Interest
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    Brenda Leigh Johnson

    The Closer
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    Clarice Starling

    The Silence of the Lambs
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    Nancy Drew

    (any version)
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    Jessica Fletcher

    Murder, She Wrote
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    Miss Marple

    (any version)
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    Det. Mary Beth Lacey

    and Christine Cagney, Cagney & Lacey
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    Veronica Mars

    Veronica Mars
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    Dana Scully

    The X Files
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    Lilly Rush

    Cold Case
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    Detective Jane Rizzoli

    and Maura Isles, Rizzoli & Isles
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    Samantha Spade

    Without a Trace
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    Debra Morgan

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    Detective Lydia Adams

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    Maddie Hayes

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    Temperance Brennan

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    Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs

    The Wire
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    Anita Van Buren

    Law & Order
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    Olivia Benson

    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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    Stella Gibson

    The Fall
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    Sarah Lund

    The Killing
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    Saga Norén

    The Bridge
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    Officer Lucy Bates

    Hill Street Blues
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    Olivia Dunham

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    Allison Dubois

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    Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones
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    Emma Peel

    The Avengers
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    Marge Gunderson