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Poll: Who is the Best Liar

This is a list of characters noted for their ability to lie, manipulate, impersonate, cheat, steal or falsify information to achieve their goals. Which character is the best liar? Discuss/Suggest at the Poll Suggestion Board!

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    Don Michael Corleone

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    Emperor Palpatine

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    Gordon Gekko

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    Catherine Tramell

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    Roger 'Verbal' Kint

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    Walter White

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    Col. Hans Landa

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    Captain Jack Sparrow

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    Olivia Pope

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    Daisy Domergue

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    Professor Annalise Keating

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    Francis Underwood

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    Saul Goodman

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    Daniel Plainview

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    Tom Ripley

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    Fletcher Reede

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    Jordan Belfort

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    Ricky Roma

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    Ferris Bueller

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    Frank Costello

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    Kathryn Merteuil

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    Louis Bloom

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    Ava Lord

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    Abigail Williams

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    Lorne Malvo

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    Frank Abagnale Jr.

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    Professor G.H. Dorr

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    Mark Whitacre

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    Bridget Gregory

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    Hedra Carlson

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    Steven Russell

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    Stephen Glass

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    Henry Evans

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    Eric Ling