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’It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’: Charlie Day Thinks That ‘We’ve Not Seen the Last of Dennis Reynolds’

6 hours ago

Philadelphia got a little less sunny when it was revealed that Dennis (Glenn Howerton) would be leaving the gang after 12 seasons on the irreverent comedy. This came as quite a blow to fans, as the main cast had remained unchanged since Danny DeVito joined at the beginning of the second season. According to Charlie Day, however, there may be hope yet: “I imagine we’ve not seen the last of Dennis Reynolds,” the actor tells HuffPost.

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“We really never want to do the show without Dennis. There is a possibility that maybe we would have Dennis in part of a season, not a complete season,” he adds. “I think we would still do a great season. There is a possibility that we have Dennis for an entire season, which would be fantastic. »

- Michael Nordine

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Luke Cage Called Out Iron Fist’s Privilege in ‘The Defenders’: Here’s Why Mike Colter and Finn Jones Loved It

7 hours ago

[Editor’s note: Spoilers follow for “Marvel’s The Defenders” Episode 3, “Worst Behavior,” follow.]

While “The Defenders” takes its time in delivering on a promised team-up of Netflix’s Marvel heroes, it doesn’t shy away from acknowledging just how different those heroes are. That’s especially true of Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Danny Rand/Iron Fist (Finn Jones), a street-wise black man fresh out of prison and a kung-fu expert who also happens to be a young white billionaire.

This leads to one of the stand-out moments of the season — one that involves no kung-fu. Instead, Luke and Danny have a real moment about the real world — a scene that both Colter and Jones were excited about.

“It was great,” Colter said about the scene to IndieWire. ” A lot of times when we see good material, it’s refreshing because this is what we’re here for. As actors, we want something to do. We want something to play. That’s why we got into this business. »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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‘Dice’ Season 2 Review: Andrew Dice Clay Is the New Tony Soprano, But It’s More Bad Than Bada Bing

7 hours ago

Dice” Season 2 opens with an “It’s a Wonderful Life” parody.

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Dice” Season 2. Proceed at your own behest, but IndieWire believes “Dice” is not a show that can be spoiled by sharing genre plot details.]

Titled “It’s a Miserable Life,” the premiere shoots into an alternate reality — fitting, given it airs with “Twin Peaks” in Showtime’s Sunday night lineup — after Dice, the character inspired and played by Andrew Dice Clay, is told the world would be a better place without him in it. Specifically, a rabbi screams at him, “The world would be a better place if Andrew Dice Clay had never been born!”

Be it the fervor with which the words are conveyed or the religious status of the rabbi screaming them, Dice is profoundly affected. The next thing you know, he’s waking up in a hotel room, alone, with a whole new life. He’s not a washed-up comedian anymore. He never was one.

Instead, he’s a bespectacled salesman on a trip to Las Vegas to make a »

- Ben Travers

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‘Narcos’ Season 3 Review: The Drug War Might Be Lost, but the Best Version of This Show Is Found

16 hours ago

Narcos” has never been a simple show to process, especially for someone not embedded in this universe — there are many players, many complications, speaking in many languages, operating decades ago.

But it is one of the great examples of shows that have improved thanks to the opportunity to grow and evolve, and Season 3 continues that journey with an investment in human storytelling.

Read More:‘Narcos’ Season 3 Release Date and Photos: The Cali Cartel Ascends (Exclusive)

The third season of the Netflix period drama, circling around the drug cartels that gave birth to an international addiction to cocaine and the American war on drugs that failed to prevent it, had a major challenge ahead of it. For two seasons, “Narcos” had Pedro Escobar, one of the most famous drug kingpins of all time, at its center. Escobar was a fascinating character, anchored by an award-nominated performance by Wagner Moura, but at »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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‘Game of Thrones’ Spinoff Series Will Be ‘Recognizable as a Past Event’ to Readers, Says Screenwriter

19 August 2017 2:47 PM, PDT

Not much is known about the different “Game of Thrones” spinoffs in development in HBO, though it has been confirmed that all four are prequels and will feature no existing characters. Courtesy of an IGN interview with Jane Goldman, who’s writing one of the proposed spinoffs, we now know that hers will be “recognizable as a past event” to those familiar with Westeros.

Read More:‘Game of Thrones’ Spin-offs: George R.R. Martin Still Co-Writing Two of Them, But Nothing Will Be Ready for A Long Time

Though she emphasizes that she “can say absolutely nothing” in terms of plot details, the “Kick-Ass” screenwriter responds in the affirmative when asked if her spinoff will feature any magic or supernatural elements. Goldman is developing the show alongside George R. R. Martin, and says that she’s “had the pleasure of going to spend some time with him and working on things »

- Michael Nordine

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‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Clip: Has the Dark Army Come for Elliot and Darlene? — Watch

19 August 2017 1:47 PM, PDT

Mr. Robot” is taking a cue from The Cure this season. Sam Esmail has said that, while the show’s sophomore season was about revolution, the next round of episodes centers around the theme of disintegration. A new clip teasing Season 3 offers a sense of what to expect from that. Watch below.

Read More:‘Mr. Robot’ Trailer: Elliot Is Alive, But Season 3 Might Just Kill Him

“Prepare yourself, friend. This clip is just the beginning,” tweeted the official “Mr. Robot” account by way of announcement. Said preview finds Elliot (Rami Malek) casually brushing off his victory in a hacking tournament as revelers celebrate around him as he returns to work. That’s interrupted when his sister Darlene (Carly Chaikin) comes to him with a man he’s never seen before who tells Elliot, “Stand up and walk with us.”

Read More:Comic-Con 2017 Winners & Losers: ‘Westworld,’ ‘Archer,’ Halle Berry, ‘Mr. Robot’ and »

- Michael Nordine

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Elisabeth Moss Gets Candid About Scientology in Response to a Fan Question on Instagram

19 August 2017 11:49 AM, PDT

Like a lot of famous Scientologists, Elisabeth Moss isn’t known for speaking about her religion publicly. The “Mad Men,” “Top of the Lake,” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” star made an exception on Instagram (of all places) on Friday in response to a fan’s question about the parallels between Scientology and the oppressive regime in the Hulu series that just earned Moss her latest Emmy nod.

Read More:‘Top of the Lake: China Girl’ Teasers: Elisabeth Moss Goes Down Under for a Murder Mystery — Watch

“Love this adaptation so much,” asked Instagram user moelybanks on one of the actress’ posts. “Question though, does it make you think twice about Scientology? Both Gilead and Scientology both believe that all outside sources (aka news) are wrong or evil… it’s just very interesting.” Moss — who’s said to have walked out of the room when Leah Remini, a former Scientologist, »

- Michael Nordine

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‘Twin Peaks’ James Marshall Addresses the Biggest Mystery of All: Was James Really Always Cool?

19 August 2017 10:31 AM, PDT

Twin Peaks” hasn’t exactly abounded in moments of tenderness these last few months, but the end of “Part 2” remains a highlight: “James is cool,” Shelly says of her old classmate James Hurley. “James was always cool.” Whether or not that’s actually true might not rank among the revival’s most hotly debated questions, but it’s one that actor James Marshall was kind enough to address in a recent Vulture interview: “I don’t think of myself that way or the character that way,” he admits.

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“Shelly isn’t saying James has become ‘Fonzie cool.’ What she’s saying, I think, is that he’s cool because he’s always had a straight line,” Marshall clarifies. “Everyone has gone a little kooky, but James has always been a good guy »

- Michael Nordine

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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 9 Trailer: Larry David Is the Hero We Need — Watch

19 August 2017 9:30 AM, PDT

Larry David is the hero we need, but not the one we deserve. Or is it the other way around? That’s one question to ponder as you watch the new trailer for “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which returns for its long-awaited ninth season after a six-year hiatus.

Read More:hbo Hack: ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Episodes Leaked As Hackers Get More Aggressive

“There is only one hero who never stays silent,” intones the narrator as the ad opens, giving a “Batman”-like vibe to the proceedings. “Who fights against injustice wherever he finds it. And the world needs him now more than ever.” Ld’s face then appears in the night sky à la the Bat Signal, much to the chagrin of the man himself: He gives a look of hesitant annoyance before deciding to stay in for the evening rather than come to our rescue. “Turn the light off! I’m not going! »

- Michael Nordine

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Solar Eclipse on TV: Marge Simpson and Don Draper Show What Not To Do This Monday

19 August 2017 7:00 AM, PDT

Don’t be like Marge Simpson and Don Draper this Monday.

That’s perhaps the unexpected takeaway from memorable eclipse storylines on both “The Simpsons” and “Mad Men.” Marge and Don both look directly at the sun, with mixed results. And they’re not the only ones with bad eclipse habits.

As the continental United States embraces Eclipse Fever, here are a handful of recent TV series and movies that have incorporated the solar event into storylines and plots. The website Eclipse Guy has put together a thorough database of movies, TV series, music videos and commercials that have included eclipse scenes; IndieWire has curated a list of six recent ones on the small screen.

The Simpsons

The 433rd episode of “The Simpsons,” 2009’s “Gone Maggie Gone,” starts off with a sequence in which Marge, who gives her camera obscura to Homer (who had naturally broken his), decides to peek »

- Michael Schneider

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‘The Defenders’: Why That Ending Represented the Worst Kind of Superhero Cliche

19 August 2017 6:00 AM, PDT

[Editor’s note: Spoilers follow for “Marvel’s The Defenders.”]

Much of Marvel’s highly anticipated Netflix umbrella series “The Defenders” went so well. The four unique stars gelled together nicely as a team (albeit a non-hugging one), the supporting characters from the four shows united as a complete ensemble in their own right, and Sigourney Weaver wore some fabulous draped blouses and dresses.

Read More:‘Marvel’s The Defenders’ Review: Season 1 Has Major Plot Flaws, But Its Women Make it Soar

Not only that, but the tightness of only eight episodes meant that when watched as a binge, the show managed to avoid dragging the way other Marvel series have done in the past with 13 episodes.

But then, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) said the fateful words heard in at least a dozen other stories of this type: “I can reach her.” The “her” in this case being Elektra (Elodie Yung), who has been leading an army of ninjas against him and his friends. »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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Go See ‘Logan Lucky’ This Weekend If You Want Better TV in the Future

18 August 2017 2:55 PM, PDT

Logan Lucky” and “The Knick” are one and the same. Yes, one is a new Channing Tatum and Daniel Craig-led motion picture — a brisk, lively, crowd-pleasing heist flick, opening this weekend. And “The Knick” was a TV show, set in 1901 with gruesome operations, low ratings, and a cancellation handed down by Cinemax after two seasons.

But beyond their shared director, both “Logan Lucky” and “The Knick” operate outside the norm. If the former succeeds, it could lead to more great TV like the latter; it could help build a world where ambitious shows — like “The Knick” Season 3 — could see the light of day.

Steven Soderbergh’s first and last TV show, along with his return from the filmmakers’ retirement home, are auteur efforts with a clear, creative vision, and their success is measured differently from blockbusters of both mediums.

Read More:How Netflix Has Ignited TV’s Talent War — and »

- Ben Travers

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TV Imports: The Best Foreign Netflix Shows to Binge, Part 3

18 August 2017 1:29 PM, PDT

Even though Netflix has started to cancel its underperforming series in earnest, that doesn’t mean it lacks for programming. In fact, its slate of offerings is fuller than ever, which makes it difficult for viewers to choose when faced with an embarrassment of bingeable riches.

Netflix’s foreign series, however, rarely get promotion amidst all of the other American shows that have been produced. Although IndieWire has previously provided handy lists of foreign-language series a couple of times, including other imports, that is only a hint of all offerings available.

Read More:tv Imports: The Best Foreign Netflix Shows to Binge, Part 1

By now, you’ve already seen Brazil’s excellent dystopian series “3%” or the unforgettable “Chewing Gum” starring Michaela Coel, but what’s next? In an effort to continue helping viewers discover new or lesser-known foreign TV shows, we’ve compiled another list of those series worth bingeing below: »

- Hanh Nguyen

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‘Game of Thrones’ Became TV’s Last Great Event Series By Learning From Sports

18 August 2017 1:07 PM, PDT

These days, two of the only forces keeping live TV viewing alive are “Game of Thrones” and sports. On a week to week basis, there are few topics that are guaranteed to generate a conversation quicker and provide an easier shorthand for making friends or small talk than how the Yankees are hitting or what’s up with the Lannisters.

While incredibly lucrative contracts are being built on the backs of live sporting events, be it the Olympics or regional deals for sports like baseball and basketball, there’s a reason that these kinds of spectacles get eyeballs. Over the past few years, for people who aren’t big sports fans, “Game of Thrones” has become the analog to generate the same kinds of conversations among those don’t necessarily care about whether Paul George and Russell Westbrook are going to have any on-court chemistry next year.

Read More:‘Gay of Thrones »

- Steve Greene

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‘Marvel’s The Defenders’ Review: Season 1 Has Major Plot Flaws, But Its Women Make it Soar

18 August 2017 12:45 PM, PDT

One of the best things to come with the proliferation of superhero storytelling, across both film and television, is the growing complexity around the concept of heroism. And thus one of the best things about “Marvel’s The Defenders” is that it’s actively engaged with this, while still managing to deliver ninja fights, comic book in-jokes, Jessica Jones day-drinking, and more fun.

The Defenders” unites the previous four Marvel/Netflix series — “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” and “Iron Fist” — for an adventure that spans not just New York, but the mystical realms. All four of the heroes from these previously established shows find themselves facing a New York in chaos thanks to the actions of the evil, ninja-esque organization The Hand (led by the mysterious Alexandra, played by legend Sigourney Weaver); after being drawn together by their individual investigations, they’re forced to acknowledge that the battle can only be won together. »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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Jon Stewart Takes Aim at Donald Trump and White Supremacists During Surprise Stand-Up Appearance With Dave Chappelle

18 August 2017 9:49 AM, PDT

Jon Stewart picked a hell of a time to end his tenure as host of “The Daily Show.” Several others have stepped up to fill the void left by his absence — that two of them, Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee, first came to attention on his show is no coincidence — but no one does it quite like Stewart did.

He reminded everyone in attendance at Dave Chappelle’s show at Radio City Music Hall of that just last night, chiming in on Charlottesville and Donald Trump.

Read More:Jon Stewart To Star in Two HBO Comedy Specials

Like just about everyone besides Trump himself, Stewart was aghast at the notion that “many sides” were to blame for last weekend’s violence. “To the presence of two sides? Motherfucker? There are two sides? Motherfucker? Two sides? Two sides!” he exclaimed. “And I believe they are called the Allied powers and the Axis powers. »

- Michael Nordine

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‘Sense8’: Porn Website xHamster Wants to Produce Season 3 of Wachowski Series

18 August 2017 9:39 AM, PDT

Netflix broke the hearts of many when it announced in June it was canceling the Wachowski series “Sense8” after two cult-favorite seasons. The series had aired 23 episodes and became beloved for its empowering themes of acceptance. Fan outcry was so passionate over the news that Netflix convinced Lana Wachowski to wrap-up the series with a two-hour movie set to premiere in 2018.

Read More:‘Sense8’ Lives! Netflix and Lana Wachowski Announce 2-Hour Series Finale

But what if “Sense8” could continue with a third season instead? Porn website xHamster has thrown its hat into the ring by offering to produce an entire season of the series. The website, which has been around for the last decade, argues it has more daily visitors than a lot of top publication websites and would be a natural fit for a series that includes infamous sex scenes and themes about sexual rights.

xHamster issued an official »

- Zack Sharf

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Why Tina Fey’s ‘Weekend Update’ Cake-Eating Stunt Sends a Mixed Message of Inaction and Privilege

18 August 2017 1:26 AM, PDT

Three “Saturday Night Live” alums returned to the “Weekend Update” desk for NBC’s special summer edition of the show on Thursday night, but it was Tina Fey who stole the show with her rant/performance art.

The proud University of Virginia grad wore a Uva sweatshirt to reveal just how shaken she was about the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville that ended in the murder of a counter-protestor. “It broke my heart to see these evil forces descend upon Charlottesville,” she said. “Donny John comes out and he says that he condemns violence ‘on many sides.”… I’m feeling sick because I’ve seen ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and I wasn’t confused by it…Nazis are always bad.”

Read More:Charlottesville: Ava DuVernay, J.K. Rowling, Seth Rogen, and More React to Violent White-Supremacist Rally

Riffing on how blame is almost always shifted away from what’s being critiqued »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Amy Poehler and ‘The Simpsons’ Alums Developing New Fox Animated Comedy — First Details

17 August 2017 3:30 PM, PDT

Amy Poehler is getting animated for Fox.

The “Parks and Recreation” star, who has been spending more time as an executive producer in recent years (“Broad City,” “Difficult People”), has paired with “The Simpsons” alums Mike and Julie Scully to develop a new animated half-hour series about a teenager with big aspirations

Fox has given a script-plus-presentation order to the show, which means a short pilot will be produced for series consideration.

Read More:‘King Of The Hill’: Fox In Talks With Mike Judge and Greg Daniels To Revive Hank Hill

Per the network, the untitled show is centered “on the family and friends of 15-year-old Duncan Harris, an average kid with dreams of being a Ufc fighter, tech billionaire, video game champ, or any job where you make a ton of money and don’t have to wear a tie.”

Poehler will executive produce with the Scullys, and »

- Michael Schneider

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‘You’re the Worst’ Season 4 Trailer: Aya Cash Drops an A-Bomb on Love in Painfully Funny Final Spot — Watch

17 August 2017 1:04 PM, PDT

Don’t get us wrong: IndieWire loves Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash). Who doesn’t want to see these two rebellious kids work it out? The wretched tease of eternal happiness, wrenched away at the end of the finale, left every viewer absolutely devastated.

But there’s a reason the show is called “You’re the Worst,” and creator Stephen Falk seems intent on exploring that in Season 4: These people don’t handle conflict well — driving away friends and family in the process — and oh boy is there a big conflict a’comin’.

Read More:‘You’re the Worst’ Season 3 Finale Review: A Novel Ending No One Expected Caps an Adventurous Year for Families

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, as does the trailer, which is why you’re reading this, correct?]

Following Jimmy’s cataclysmic decision to bail on his own proposal — right after Gretchen said yes — Season 4 opens with the couple in separate places. Gretchen is recovering via extreme new hobbies, like doing crack, »

- Ben Travers

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