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What is the IMDb User Activity Page?

This page is a collection of interesting information about you and your activities on IMDb. This page shows a variety of interesting roll-ups of various information you've entered into IMDb: number of ratings by year, distribution of ratings, top-rated genres, top-rated years, recently rated, lists, your Watchlist, your Checkins, a comparison to other users (if you've made your ratings public - which we recommend!). It does NOT show your credits and other information if you are an entertainment industry professional.

Is My Information Public?

You can always see all your own information as a logged-in user. For data and lists that are marked as private, this page respects those privacy settings and does not show the underlying raw data, however roll-ups of that data may be aggregated and visible as badges or other recognition. For now, if you want to see the activity page as others see your page, view the page from an unlogged-in account. When your information is public, you get access to awesome new features - like being able to compare your ratings against others. See Col Needham's activity page for an example.

What are the Badges?

Badges are accomplishments that we have designated as worthy of earning a badge. Everyone has a Tenure badge based on how long they have had an account on IMDb, and other badges are either automatically assigned or earned. Available badges are on our Badge Detail page.

  • We currently do not have the ability to retroactively issue badges based on lists, so if you've already rated all these films, simple unrate/rerate one of the films and the badge will be issued.
  • The badges may take as along as 24 hours to issue.
  • If you unrate one of the films on the list the badge will disappear within 24 hours.
  • There is currently no notification for a badge issuance.
  • We have a message board thread to discuss badges (including any suggestions you have on new badges)

    Avatar Upload Is Not Working For Me, Why?

    • Use a 250x250 minimum size image in JPG format
    • Use a recent browser version released no later than President Obama's first term of office :-)
    • Ensure Javascript is turned on, and you have no ad-blocking or similar browser interception technologies running.

    My Ratings Are Private Yet I Have a Badge Related To A Movie I Rated

    The rating privacy flag can be set to make your ratings only visible to you. However we may grant you a public-viewable badge or other forms of public recognition based on the fact that a movie was rated/check-in at all. For badges based on completing a list, if you unrate any film that contributes to a badge, the badge will disappear.

    How Can a User Have a Top Contributor Badge that is Older than Their Tenure?

    Up to a certain point in our history, we accepted submissions from people with just email addresses. Therefore, some people may have been highly active submitters without having user accounts. This is no longer possible, submitters need to have IMDb Accounts.

    My Page is Missing the Watchlist/Check-Ins Section.

    The section will appear when you add something to the Watchlist or Check-In for the first time.

    I'd Like My Ratings To Be Public (or Private).

    From the black IMDb menu bar visit Community->Your Rating, click Change List Settings and change the setting appropriately. If you make your ratings public you can gain access to interesting comparison features with other users who have made their ratings public.

    I'd Like My Lists To Be Public (or Private).

    From the black IMDb menu bar visit Community->Your Lists, click Change List Settings and change the setting appropriately.

    I'd Like My Watchlist To Be Public (or Private).

    From the black IMDb menu bar visit Community->Your Lists->Your Watchlist, click Change List Settings and change the setting appropriately.

    I'd Like My Check-Ins To Be Public (or Private).

    Check-Ins are currently always public and cannot be made private.

    I'd Like My Recent Polls To Be Public (or Private).

    Recent Polls are currently always public and cannot be made private.

    I'm Missing a Badge I Should Have/I Have a Badge I Don't Want

    For missing badges, please contact us through Get Satisfaction. Important: include a link to your IMDb activity page and any supporting detail on why you believe the badge should be issued.

    We currently do not have a user-controlled way to suppress or hide an issued badge. Please contact us through the helpdesk so that we can understand the situation. However, for list based badges if you unrate a film (click the little (x) to to the right of the rating), the badge will disappear shortly.

    There's NO WAY Those are my Top Rated Genres.

    Yes, they are. We are not saying they are your favorite genres. Just the ones you rated most highly. There's a very interesting reason why your top-rated genres will generally NOT be your favorite genres. We'll let you think about that...

    Some of My Public Lists Are Not Showing Up.

    We are aware of this issue and it's surprisingly subtle and challenging to fix. We're working on it.

    The Mark-Up from My Boards Profile Looks Odd.

    The activity page supports a subset of the mark-up, but currently not the entire set of IMDb boards mark-up. We are NOT planning on supporting the full boards mark-up, so the conservative move would be to remove the non-supported characters from your boards profile at this time.

    Can I Delete Or Remove My Activity Page?

    Your activity page is made of data you've already made public on IMDb, as such the only way to remove an activity page is to delete your entire IMDb account and participate in IMDb only as an unregistered user. You can, of course, adjust privacy settings on a subset of the page including the visibility of your Watchlist, Ratings, etc.

    How does "Compared To You" Work?

    If you set your ratings to public, and visit someone else's activity page that also has public rating, you can see an interesting chart on how their tastes compare to yours. Here's our founder Col Needham's activity page. The page will do a Pearson Correlation between two users ratings and display a statistic about how much your tastes overlap. Note that this feature is under development and the number could change dramatically and you should not make potentially life-altering decisions based on this rather arbitrary number. It will also display a set of films for which your ratings diverged form each most dramatically. We have a message board thread to discuss compare.

    How Does "See Titles username Liked That You Have Not Seen work?"

    When you visit this feature on another user's activity page, you see a list of titles that that user liked (rated highly) that you have not seen. To eliminate titles you've seen, you'll need to rate them on the "more results" page. We have a message board thread to discuss compare.

    How Do the Activity Images (Avatars) Work?

    You have the option to upload a personal image as your activity page image. To upload an image, click on your current image, select a file from your computer with an appropriate image by clicking "Pick File". You will get a file browser for your computer from which you can select an appropriate PNG or GIF file. After upload, after a short time, It will appear on your activity page. While you cannot directly "delete" an avatar image, you can reset it to the default avatar. Over time we plan to use this image on other areas of the site associated with content you have provided to IMDb. This image is public and must meet reasonable community guidelines. Furthermore, you are asserting you own the full rights to use the image you provide us. By uploading the image you are granting IMDb permission to use the image in association with your account throughout our properties. If you submit inappropriate/copyrighted content we may take one or more of the following unilateral steps without notice or recourse: reset your avatar image, lock your account, or for an egregious or a repeat offense, delete the account entirely. So choose wisely! We have a message board thread to discuss avatars.

    How Do I Report Copyrighted Material?

    Copyright holders can inform us of copyright issues.

    How Do I Report Inappropriate/Offensive Activity Images?

    Inappropriate User-uploaded visual material on activity pages should be reported via the Report Abuse feature attached to a user's post. Find a post from the user, report it and choose 'Other' as the reason for the report, and post your request/explanation including a description of what is wrong with the user image.

    What is the Checklist?

    We have created the checklist to encourage you to explore areas and features of IMDb you may not be familiar with, and to make the page more interesting to you and others. Once you have completed the items on the checklist, the entire checklist disappears.

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